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Enjoy a selection of articles submitted either by, or on behalf of, our members. If you are an ex-RAF Administrative Apprentice, have served as a member of the RAF Administrative Apprentices training staff, are related to or have served with any ex-RAF Administrative Apprentices, you are welcome to submit an article for publication. To do so click the button below:

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Articles are required to be approved by our website manager before posting and those published will be catalogued by name of the contributor and their entry number if appropriate. They can be on any subject so if you have had an interesting experience either during or after your RAF Administrative Apprentice training or later as a civilian, we would be glad to hear from you.

Some Recollections – Geoff Stevens (40th)

Some experiences and recollections after passing out on the 29th of December, 1961, as a Junior Technician, aged just 17 and a half ye ...Read More

- by Alan Bell

With All Due Respect Sir!

[caption id="attachment_22814" align="alignleft" width="126"] ...Read More

- by Alan Bell

The Scales of Justice

...Read More

- by Alan Bell

So I Wrote a Book About It – Ian Baldie (322nd)

Having retired from full time employment in 2018 I moved to a part of the world I had known as a lad. This brought me to the parish of Kirkcolm at the ...Read More

- by Alan Bell

Facebook Scammers – A Salutary Tale – Alan Bell (29th)

On 14th December, I was interested to see on Facebook Market, a site advertising parts for the early era Mercedes W123 and W124 series. I have owned a ...Read More

- by Alan Bell

First Christmas Away From Home – Bob Blundell (17th)

Just prior to Christmas 1953 I had been suffering from a mouth abscess and was being treated with antibiotics' which had resolved the infection. This ...Read More

- by Alan Bell

Christmas 1948 – Harry Trumbell (29th)

Following on from my previous articles I have been looking at some old photos and found the one below. My father was posted to Bielefeld in Germany in ...Read More

- by Alan Bell

The Key to Long Life – Peter Culley (29th)

  Today began like any other. I woke at 7.30, sniffed the cold air, considered what ...Read More

- by Alan Bell

A Tale Of Three Cities – Peter Culley (29th)

  My son (almost 57) has just returned from a personal 'bucket list' trip to Everest Base Camp in Nepal. I envy him. In my day the very concep ...Read More

- by Alan Bell

A Visit To St Palais On The Gironde Estuary – Alan Bell (29th)


[caption id="attachment_22062" align="alignleft" width="602"] ...Read More

- by Alan Bell

Not My World Anymore – Graham May (25th)

...Read More

- by Alan Bell

‘Stop the World!’ – Peter Culley (29th)

  ...Read More

- by Alan Bell

Time To Hang Up My Boots – Grahame May (25th)

I found this unfinished article in my old Draft Documents Folder and decided to submit it, after adding a few changes here and there, as dictated by m ...Read More

- by Alan Bell

Through the Looking Glass – Peter Culley (29th)

[caption id="attachment_21985" align="alignleft" width="246"] ...Read More

- by Alan Bell

The Von Meck Solution – Peter Cully (29th)

I have always enjoyed writing (or scribbling as I should perhaps describe it) and hope that the examples of my work that I leave behind will be apprec ...Read More

- by Alan Bell

Just a Minute – Peter Culley (29th)

During the period of my retirement, while we were living in Telford, I found part-time employment for several years as a Clerk to the Governing Bodies ...Read More

- by Alan Bell

The Life And Times Of Derek Bunce – 306th Entry

  Website Manager Note 12th June 2023: This article has also been published in the 306th Entry Scrapbook Page. The ...Read More

- by Alan Bell

My First 24 Hours In RAF – Peter Hall (33rd)

I cannot say that I came from a military back ground: my father had been unfortunate enough to have served in the Army in both World Wars. In the Firs ...Read More

- by Alan Bell

Looking Back – Ted Huntley (24th)

After watching Alan Bell’s excellent 25th Anniversary video, I felt pangs of nostalgia and the years rolled away for a little while.  ...Read More

- by Alan Bell

My First Posting – Dave Williams 324th

I had never travelled much before joining the RAF, we had lived close to the coast and around an hour’s drive away from the Brecon Beacons to enjoy ...Read More

- by Alan Bell

A New Life For Us After Demob – Dave Williams 324th

We cleaned up the quarter in Wellington Square ready for marching out, we had expected a stringent inspection as the house had been recently refurbish ...Read More

- by Alan Bell


ANZAC DAY MARCH 2023 The annual Anzac Day March took place on 25th April 2023 and is normally attended by Ian Bell, Tony Collins and David Brandon ho ...Read More

- by Alan Bell

The Last Hurrah! – Peter Culley (29th)

  I read the March Newsletter with a heavy heart. On the one hand the Editor lamented the fact he had received only a single article, and plea ...Read More

- by Alan Bell

My Service Diary for 1955 – Grahame May (25th)

Last year I found a small pocket sized RAF diary that I had kept for the whole of 1955 and hoped it would prove illuminating, as it covered my first t ...Read More

- by Alan Bell

The Ghost of Credenhill-Peter Culley (29th)

...Read More

- by Alan Bell

Hitler and Me – A Shared Destiny – Peter Culley (29th)

Now that the nights are drawing in (and the telly is on the blink) I find myself spending much more time looking back, contemplating my life and exper ...Read More

- by Alan Bell

Music Maestro, Please – Peter Culley (29th)

A few days ago our long-serving TV set finally gave up the ghost leaving us bereft at the suddeness of it all. I accompanied it on its final journey t ...Read More

- by Alan Bell

Queen Elizabeth II Lying in State Westminster Hall – Steve Day (304th)

  The day following the announcement regarding the arrangements for the members of the public who wanted to pay their last respects to HM Quee ...Read More

- by Alan Bell

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (RAFAAA Reunion 2022) – Pete Culley 29th

It has happened again! After a 2 year interregnum our sadly-depleted Band of Brothers, just like the Muslim Hajj to Mecca, and the seasonal migration ...Read More

- by Alan Bell

Finally Retired And Wrote About It – John Grimwood

I finally retired a few weeks ago after thirty nine years in the RAF and twenty years as a Military History Tour Guide. I have been writing a book for ...Read More

- by John Grimwood

60 Years Gone In A Flash – John Dyer (46th)

RAF Bircham Newton In autumn 1961 I sat the aptitude and medical tests at the dismal RAF Recruiting Office (shared with The Royal ...Read More

- by John Dyer

Sniper Of The Skies – Ben Croucher (29th)

[caption id="attachment_20410" align="alignleft" width="265"] ...Read More

- by Ben Croucher

RAF Hereford Main Gates (And More) – Dave Williams (324th)

  Website Manager Note: I have made some minor changes to this narrative to comply with the needs of compiling this page. I have also inclu ...Read More

- by Dave Williams

Leadership Prospects Bircham Newton 1959

A True Story
Newly arrived sprogs were assessed for leadership qualities by the s ...Read More

- by Jeff Short

A Different Aspect Of Supply – Terry McCune 21st Entry

Posted to Salalah mid 70,s to take over as F/S Supply from Frank Phillips (ex 19th)
...Read More

- by Terry McCune

A Day In The Life Of A Personal Assistant – Roy Cleife (40th)

I graduated from AATS Bircham Newton 60 years ago as I write. Although I was proud to have been awarded the Air Ministry Secretarial Prize for my entr ...Read More

- by Roy Cleife

Before, During And After AATS Credenhill May 1954 To August 1956 – Charles (Jimmy) James

I had the distinct privilege of serving as an Apprentice at Credenhill for two years and three months. Some regrets, but some good friendships made. ...Read More

- by Charles (Jimmy) James

Memories Of Credenhill – Alastair Cameron 303rd

Some Random Recollections of Credenhill or A Memoir for Johnny Davies, who asked m ...Read More

- by Alastair Cameron


I am sure that every RAF Apprentice or Boy Entrant would agree that their training has had a profound influence on their life, career and outlook in o ...Read More

- by Grahame May

Clangers – Peter Harris (20th)

I just remembered this among the many clangers I dropped.
In April 1955 after passing out from Apprentice Training ...Read More

- by Peter Harris

Two Tales Of Fuel – Peter Follett (20th)

...Read More

- by Peter Follett

Court Martial No 2 – Dave Bulleid 24th

In 1965 I was P1A at HQ Signals Command (Formerly HQ 90 Group). As such I was charged with preparing documentation for Courts Martial convened in the ...Read More

- by Dave Bulleid

My Life And Times- Rob Weller 307th

Leaving 3S of TT, RAF Hereford and 307 Entry behind me in 1967 I was soon to begin to learn about the lack of joined up thinking that remained apparen ...Read More

- by Rob Weller

Some Hereford Recollections by Peter Hall

Here are some recollections that might generate some interest in 29th to 34th entries: [caption id="attachment_19918" align="alignright" width="274 ...Read More

- by Peter Hall

Looking Back – Thanks Dad by Grahame May (25th)

I was standing outside the brightly lit cinema foyer, on a chilly Tuesday evening in the late autumn of 1958, with the growing feeling that I was goin ...Read More

- by Grahame May

A Tale Of Anti-Freeze During The Cold War.

On pass out from Bircham Newton I was posted in January 1961 to RAF Feltwell where 77 Sqdn was operational with the Thor Missile System. My remit i ...Read More

- by Mike McCrow

The Generation Game

'It was never like that in my day' my Dad would say grumpily as we entered the Rock and Roll era in the mid 50s and then the Swinging 60s. 'Teddy boys ...Read More

- by Alan Bell

What’s In A Name? – Pat Groombridge 4th Entry

...Read More

- by Pat Groombridge

I’m Sent To Be In America – Ben Croucher 29th

...Read More

- by Ben Croucheer

A Salutary Tale Of A Cracked Ankle And A Shredded Backside by Alan Bell

I am in discussion with Mike Hamill (40th) who will be shortly submitting an article which will include mention about his time living in Wendover.&nbs ...Read More

- by Alan Bell

A Musican’s Life by Bob Blundell

My father was born on 22 April 1900, the youngest son of William Blundell and Agatha Coutts, Who were respectively, the head gardener and the children ...Read More

- by Bob Blundell

The McCullough Family History – Part 1

I enlisted into the Royal Air Force as an Administrative Apprentice at No 3 School of Technical Training on 9th September 1965.  I wen ...Read More

- by Graham McCullough