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Annual Reunions – Website Manager Presentation Videos

Those of you who have attended our annual reunions over the years will know that since the creation of our first website, I have prepared and presented a visual and often lighthearted offering traditionally shown after the Annual General Meeting. The presentations made in the early years were mainly Slideshows but for the last two years, I have more structured videos.

Below you can play the video presentations made at Peterborough in 2014 and at Swindon in 2015. The presentation to be made at Northampton in June of this year will be posted here after that event.


Alan Bell 29th Entry

Website Manager and Newsletter Editor

Cool Blue Two –  By Alan Bell


That Man There – By Alan Bell

Maquis Activity In SW France WW2



A Snapshot Of French Maquis Activity In SW France WW2 from Alan Bell on Vimeo.