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13th January, 2021

Hatbands - Administrative Apprentices And Apprentice Clerks

My thanks to John Smith (ex-74th Entry Halton) for contacting the Association with regard to his research into the colours of hatbands worn by Administrative Ap...

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7th January, 2021

New Article

Thanks to Ron Spurs (320th) for sending me an article in which he reflects on his RAF training back in the early 70s. None of us would disagree with anythin...

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2nd January, 2021

Death Of A Member

Sadly I have been informed of the death of Peter Williamson (29th) who passed away on 30th December. I have no further details at this time. On behalf of the...

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2nd January, 2021

New Photos - 29th Entry

My thanks to Jonathan Woods, the son of the late Peter Woods (Sgt App 29th), for sending me a couple of really good images. The photo of the entry passout in 19...

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31st December, 2020

Death Of A Member

Sadly we have been informed of the death of one of our members, Maurice Jeffery (1st Entry), who passed away on 2nd December after a sudden illness. No further ...

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20th December, 2020

New Gallery Of Images - 309th Entry

My thanks to Gerard McKee for providing a series of photographs taken at Hereford in 1968. To view these images click the following link and scroll the galle...

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7th December, 2020

Change Of Email Address Association Membership Secretary

I have today changed the contact email address for our Membership Secretary and Archivist, David Tinley from to the following: memberships...

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2nd December, 2020

The December 2020 Newsletter

The December (Christmas) edition of the Association Newsletter (Edition 125) has now been published and all members with access to the internet have been inform...

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11th November, 2020

The Royal Air Force Apprentices Commemorative Medal

We are receiving enquiries from ex-RAF apprentices regarding the purchase of the Commemorative Medal. Members of our own Association have been notified of the a...

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1st November, 2020

Association Membership Secretary

Would members  and those wishing to join our Association please note a change to our Membership Secretary. David Tinley (our current Archivist) has now tak...

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22nd October, 2020

Submitting An Item For Publication On The Website

There is occasionally some misunderstanding as to how best to submit an article or other item for publication on the website. Articles To avoid the  ...

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2nd October, 2020

Entry Shields - Update 1

Further to my notice dated 24th September, my thanks to Dixie Dean for providing me with the following missing shield images: 35th, 37th, 38th, 39th, 40t...

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24th September, 2020

Entry Shields

Although I do have access to a number of entry shield images already, there are significant gaps.  I would be grateful if any of you have good .jpeg or .pn...

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15th September, 2020

Final Postings

We have introduced a new page within in the Home Page Scrapbooks menu which lists those ex-RAF Ruislip Apprentice Clerks, ex-RAF Administrative Apprentices and ...

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6th September, 2020

Commenting On Notices

We have received a couple of interesting comments on the New Article notice published on 30th August. Both comments were however, sent to either myself or to th...

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21st December, 2019

Apprentice Poppy Pins

The Association has recently acquired the remaining stock of the Apprentice Poppy Pin and these are on sale at the bargain price of £10.00 which includes p...

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18th March, 2019

Veterans’ Orthopaedic Service

My thanks to Steve Day for picking up the following from Facebook. It may be of interest to some to note the following:   Veterans’ Orthopaedic Service...

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Relevant Notices Are Now Archived

30th November, 2018

Relevant Notices Are Now Archived

When I publish a notice, it remains 'live' on the board until I feel it has been there long enough to have served its initial purpose. Rather than just delete a...

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22nd August, 2018

Association Items For Sale

I have today introduced a new page advertising Association items for sale via our Treasurer(including current prices)  . This page is located in the Contac...

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8th August, 2018

Website Forum Page

Just a reminder that our Forum pages are available for you to  open a discussion on virtually any topic. It is an excellent way of making new friends, maki...

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30th July, 2018

New Images

The RAF Hereford Facebook page has again yielded new images not so far published in our own entry Scrapbook pa...

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19th May, 2018

Beware The Scammers!

I have today posted a new topic in our Forum page on the subject of fraud prevention. The post is not intended to teach anyone to 'suck eggs' but a timely remin...

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9th July, 2017

Email Addresses, Passwords Etc

9th July 2017 Just a reminder to ensure that your notified email address held by the Association is up to date. Access to the Newsletter and the Annual Reuni...

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28th December, 2015

Contacting The Association

Would members please note that if you wish to contact the Association, your query or notification should be addressed to the Committee member responsible for de...

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