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21st June, 2021

Death Of A Member

Sadly we have been informed of the death of one of our members, David Short - 19th Entry. David had been ill for some time and died on 15th April.  David's...

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9th June, 2021

Newsletter 127 - June 2021 Correction

Would members reading the June 2021 edition of the newsletter, please note the following correction to the article posted on behalf of Dixie Dean (40th) concern...

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5th June, 2021

Death Of A Member

Sadly we have been informed of the death of Maurice Stanley Hill (592973) 23rd Entry, who passed away suddenly on 5th May. Our sincere condolences to Maurice's ...

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4th June, 2021

A Report From Our Australia Group

My thanks to Tony Collins (46th) who has provided a welcome report from Australia. To read the report click here  ...

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1st June, 2021

Another Article!

Reading Ted Huntley's plea for more articles, I have followed his advice and written a short article of my own. Please follow suit and let's be having some a...

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1st June, 2021

A New Article

Our thanks to Peter Culley (29th) for providing us with an interesting and amusing article, musing on why he has failed to obtain any medals. I am sure that man...

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30th May, 2021

The June Newsletter - Edition No 127

The June edition of your Association's newsletter has now been published. Your Newsletter Editor Steve Day, has emailed all current members advising them of the...

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24th May, 2021

Cyprus Group Report

I have received a short report of a meeting between Ray Burrow (Cyprus Group Coordinator) and the only remaining member of the group. To read the report ...

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15th May, 2021

Obituary To Don Burlingham (5th Entry) - Jim Wilcox (5th) - Association President

Our thanks to Association President Jim Wilcox for providing a touching obituary to the late Don Burlingham. Thanks also to Steve Day for typing up the script a...

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9th May, 2021

An Article By Howard Thomas 301st

Our thanks to the very ‘keen eyed’, Dave Ainsworth (304th) who spotted an article which appeared in the ‘Peterborough’ Column in the Daily Mail Edition ...

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19th April, 2021

Entry Shields - 39th And 40th Entries

I have been advised by Dixie Dean (40th) that entry shields hav been made available to him for the 39th and 40th Entries. If you are a member of either of these...

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19th March, 2021

Flight Of A Lifetime

I was gifted a voucher to take a 40 minute flight organised by Aero Legends (see the link below), but for a number of reasons, I am no longer able to do so. The...

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16th March, 2021

Contacting The Association

I thought it might be useful to repost this notice for the benefit of new members Would members please note that if you wish to contact the Association, your...

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9th March, 2021

General Archives

I have now completed work on reorganising the layout of the General Archives section of our website. I am experiencing some minor issues with text colours which...

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4th March, 2021

Bircham Newton Heritage Centre - Open Days 2021

CITB has approved the request to re-open the Heritage Centre(HC) beginning on the last Sunday in June, and thereafter on the last Sunday each month June to Nove...

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22nd October, 2020

Submitting An Item For Publication On The Website

There is occasionally some misunderstanding as to how best to submit an article or other item for publication on the website. Articles To avoid the  ...

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15th September, 2020

Final Postings

We have introduced a new page within in the Home Page Scrapbooks menu which lists those ex-RAF Ruislip Apprentice Clerks, ex-RAF Administrative Apprentices and ...

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6th September, 2020

Commenting On Notices

It is worth reminding you that you can send comments in the Leave A Reply box situated at the end of each published Notice.  it is quicker to comment this ...

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21st December, 2019

Apprentice Poppy Pins

The Association has recently acquired the remaining stock of the Apprentice Poppy Pin and these are on sale at the bargain price of £10.00 which includes p...

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Relevant Notices Are Now Archived

30th November, 2018

Relevant Notices Are Now Archived

When I publish a notice, it remains 'live' on the board until I feel it has been there long enough to have served its initial purpose. Rather than just delete a...

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8th August, 2018

Website Forum Page

Just a reminder that our Forum pages are available for you to  open a discussion on virtually any topic. It is an excellent way of making new friends, maki...

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19th May, 2018

Beware The Scammers!

I have today posted a new topic in our Forum page on the subject of fraud prevention. The post is not intended to teach anyone to 'suck eggs' but a timely remin...

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