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The following requests have been made to help find a friend. If you can help then please contact the person who made the request direct by E-mail. It would be appreciated if those making requests would get in touch with the site administrator at if attempts to find a friend are successful. It is worth pointing out too that the Membership Secretary may be able to help those trying to contact a friend should a contact e-mail address listed on this page prove to be incorrect. Needless to say it would be helpful if seekers still trying to make contact could notify me of any change to their e-mail addresses.

To ensure that requests are not displayed for overly long periods, the Find A Friend list will be reviewed at regular intervals and individual entries may be removed at the discretion of the Website Manager. If a request is removed, senders are at liberty to resubmit them.

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Date Applicants Name Applicants Entry Number Email Wish To Contact His Entry Number Other Information
2021-03-14 Rick Callaby 39th E J C (Eddie )Harris Sgt. App 39th Eddie replaced me at CINC FE Phoenix Park, Tanglin Singapore in April 1966, but I left before he arrived ...Years later I discovered he had bee doing contract work in the Middle East and wrote to an address I had been given but it was returned to me. Since then I have tried several times without success. He was from Brixham in Devon
2021-07-20 julian peter Ashby 45th Terence 'Foxy' Fox 43rd Besides being a personal friend and being at Bircham Newton he also served alongside me at RAF Coningsby and also in Aden. I personally would like to meet him again and I and a couple of friends are trying to locate people who served in Aden. The only other information I have is that he was made redundant from the RAF in 1972 and apparently joined the Army. He was married and his wife's name was Rochelle and they divorced many years ago.Not much to go on I'm afraid.
2021-08-03 Andrew Osborne 305th Anyone in the 305th Nursing Attendants RAF Halton 305th RAF Halton I have been in contact with Alan Wallace from the 305th many years ago but nobody else. I have met and worked with two other ex-305th entry members but they were both Clerk Secretarial from Hereford
2021-09-23 Peter Clinker 319 Entry RAF Hereford Sep 1970- Aug 1971 Any fellow 319 entry apprentices, colleagues and friends 319 I am hoping to organise a +50 year reunion sometime next year, so would great to hear from comrades and hopefully meet up in 2022.
1966-01-01 James Gallagher 305th in 1966 ( admin) See Below See Below I am writing a book about my time as an apprentice/boy entrant at RAF Hereford in 1966 and wish to find the name of the squadron leader who lead us on weekend expeditions on the Welsh mountains. I believe he was a former Himalayan mountain climber. Wouldn't really appreciate your help.
2021-11-09 Charles (Jimmy) James 22nd Roger Naylor 22nd I am seeking Roger Naylor who joined the 22nd entry with me at Credenhill in May 1954 as Clerk Secretarial. He did not complete his course and I lost contact with him many years ago. I would appreciate any information you may have on his whereabouts.
2021-12-14 Fred Harrington 30th. Michael Wilson 30th. Mike and I made contact some years ago when we both attended an annual Apprentice reunion. We regularily exchanged annual X-Mas and New Year greetings but for the last couple of years I have not been able to respond because I have lost all of his comms. details from my computer. There are very few 30th.still around and I would much like to make contact again with Mike and his wife Jenny. Mike and I were Suppliers and became close friends during our Hereford stay in1957/58. He became our entry Sergeant Apprentice, I remained a simple apprentice but we both passed out as Junior Tech.'s at the end. I was posted to RAF Bassingbourn, Mike to RAF Duxford, just a short distance away. Mile cycled over to Bassingbourn on one ocassion just to see how I was getting along. I am not sure if Mike remained a member of our Association but I would really appreciate your help.
2022-01-27 Ray Holland 330 Supply Looking for contact w John Murdoch, Kev Blackmore, Nigel Heaton, Pete Gillet, Barry Henderson, Steve Tiernan. All 330 Supply. Looking for contact with any of the following members of 330 Supply fron 1972/3. 50th anniversary reunion being planned. Don't want them to miss out..... John Murdoch Kev Blackmore Nigel Heaton Pete Gillet Barry Henderson Steve Tiernan
2022-04-08 L Jones 45th V A Cheek 311th We worked together in the Transportation railhead section at 16MU RAF Stafford during the late 60's
2022-06-02 Brian Field N/A Tom Davies N/A I have just read an article by a Tom Davies who once lived in Windsor. If is the same guy perhaps we could touch base in an email Many Thanks Brian Field Valley Mildenhall Windsor
2022-06-03 Michael Owen 28 Bryan Clark 27 I just wish to thank Bryan for his contribution regarding Peter Corfield in the latest newsletter. I knew Peter on and off over the years and was most saddened to hear of his death from an undisclosed illness.
2022-06-08 Brian Spurway Sqn Ldr RAF(Rtd) N/A Mike Hole N/A In July 1960, as a Cpl airframe fitter, I was posted to join 1325 (Dakota) Flight at Christmas Island; in the event because the British Nuclear Testing (Operation Grapple) had come to a halt I ended up remaining at RAF Changi, along with some thirty others, all aircraft tradesmen bar one: Cpl Michael (Mike) Hole who was to run the Flight's Admin Office for the single year that we were to remain at Changi. To the best of my knowledge Mike had been an Admin Apprentice; he was then in his early twenties, as was I, so my guess is that his training would have been around about 1955. I was an Aircraft Apprentice (81st Entry) 1955/58 and am now aged 83, so I would guess he to be somewhere round about 85; I realise that the chances of making contact are slight, but Hey, if one doesn't try . . . etc. Thank you. Kind regards, Brian.
Date Applicants Name Applicants Entry Number Email Wish To Contact His Entry Number Other Information