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The following requests have been made to help find a friend. If you can help then please contact the person who made the request direct by E-mail. It would be appreciated if those making requests would get in touch with the site administrator at if attempts to find a friend are successful. It is worth pointing out too that the Membership Secretary may be able to help those trying to contact a friend should a contact e-mail address listed on this page prove to be incorrect. Needless to say it would be helpful if seekers still trying to make contact could notify me of any change to their e-mail addresses.

Help Find A Friend

Applicants Name Applicants Entry Number email Search for His Entry Number Other information
Alan [Taff] Thomasn/adatsat@sky.comRichard [Ricky] SimmsNot KnownRick was my best man whilst serving at RAF Cardington in 1965.
Served together at RAF Oakington and HQ RAFG. Rick was an ex Boy Entrant who graduated from Hereford circ 1961 Lost contact with Rick when he was posted to RAF Upavon 1n 1970. At he time he was married to Jill, ex WRAF Stewardess. Be great to meet up again.
Alan [Taff] ThomasAdult entrydatsat@sky.comRichard [Ricky] Simmsex admin apprentice RAF Hereford circ 1961Ricky was best man at my wedding in 1965 when at RAF Cardington. Served together at RAF Oakington and HQ RAFG. Lost contact in 1970 when Rick was posted to RAF Upavon. Would be great to meet up again.
david fordern/ moran594491I would love to know any information you have on Anthony as it appears he is a very important person for my family..
many thanks
Ivan Eric Ham11thericham@talktalk.net490 John Sutton11thHave not met since passing out. I believe he lived in south wales, I live just across the severn in Burnham on sea / Highbridge
Charles James22nd/24thcharlesjames1937@gmail.comRelatives of late Martin Benn 23rd entry23rdI read with sadness the death of Martin Benn in the latest newsletter. I served with him at RAF West Malling 1956/57 and would welcome any further information following his passing. Any chance of an obituary? not sure if he was a member or not
Bob Blundell17bob592@yahoo.comBernard Bulliivant17I would much appreciate his email address, if you have it.
Brian W. Shephard304thshephardbrian2@gmail.comEric Weetman Seon Smythe304th bothwe three were in Gibson block at the same time in 65/66 ----weetman went to singapore on posting directly afterwards as his father was in the RAF and stationed there he went to Seletor I went to Tangmere for a year or so and volunteered and got to HQ FEAF at RAF Changi and met up with weetman again there in singapore I lost touch with seon as we all went our separate ways but am amazed at his life in america ---Id like to thank him for giving me some great memories at this stage of life again
Steve MillsLO595013steve@olbobongi.comDavid MasonLO595011Is it possible to contact any of my 304th Supp/Gen entry to reconnect after all these years?
Brian (Nobby) Clarken/abrc294@gmail.comKen Roost1stServed with Ken at R.A.F. Upavon. We shared a bunk and Ken was an usher at my wedding. No particular reason to contact him other that I would like to know how he is faring after all these years.
Thanking you in anticipation.
ex Sgt Brian (Nobby) Clarke (2583294)
Tony Burchell38burchell.anthony@sky.comPeter Roberts30I am informed by Graham Roberts (30th entry) that Peter is, he thinks, interested in joining the Association. Unfortunately he doesn't have any contact details for him of any kind. So in order to ascertain the chances of recruiting a new member would be grateful if anyone can throw any light on any contact details. Many Thanks

Tony Burchell Membership Sec
Philip Doggett15thphilipdoggett5@gmail.comAny 15th Entry MembersAny 592Hope that there are a few out there still alive and kicking!!
Malcolm Hutchinson. (Hutch)317malcolm.hutchinson2@ntlworld.comAny former member of the 317th317I was a supplier, first posting from Hereford was Brize Norton
Fred Harrington30th.frederick9495@gmail.comAnthony Eaton30th.Both are Suppliers.
David Williams314Davidwilliams77@btinternet.comDavid Samuel (Sam) Fishburn313Lost touch with Sam in 1985, Sam comes from Thornaby on Tees
David Williams314Davidwilliams77@btinternet.comMick Stephenson, Bob Orton, Les Shakeshaft, Paddy Patton, Bill Rowlands 314Friends from my 314 Supplier General /Admin Appretice Entry-lost touch when I was posted to Muharraq, then Remustering.
ALAN [TAFF] THOMASN/Adatsat@sky.comRICHARD [RICKY] SIMMSNOT KNOWN- HEREFORD CLK SEC CIRC 1960I was Rick's best man at his wedding in 1962. And he at my wedding in 1965. Served together at RAF Oakington 1961/62 and again at HQ RAFG 1967/69. Great to meet up again, lost contact when Rick returned to the UK in 1969, Believe he was posted to Upavon.

Alan [Taff] Thomas ex Clk Postal/Clk Sec
Graham Kyleunknownga.kyle@googlemail.comacw sandy brownunknownhi i trained as a supplier at raf hereford and i was hoping you could help me try to locate any record of an acw sandy brown,she trained as an administrator may-july 1990.
thanking you in advance

graham kyle
Alan Henry Frederick Smith5th Entry Admin. App. RAF St. Athan )ct. 1948 to May, 1950ferrybridge47c@outlook.comAny Surviving 5th Entry members592284 to 592323Have just found this site through Facebook and wondered if many of my Entry are still surviving.