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Christmas 1948 – Harry Trumbell (29th)

Following on from my previous articles I have been looking at some old photos and found the one below. My father was posted to Bielefeld in Germany in early 1948. He was allocated a married quarter – a large detached house requisitioned from its German owner. We joined him just in time for my 8th birthday. My brother and I attended the local Garrison School situated inside the barracks. The time spent at this school was the happiest of all the schools I attended (11 altogether). My form teacher was Miss Johnson and the school Headteacher was Miss Simpson – She told me that I could not join the choir because I was a ‘Grunter’!? This belief has stayed with me ever since.
Christmas 1948 was the first time that we had a Christmas tree. My brother and I really enjoyed helping to decorate it. It was a very happy time for us all. My father was a keen photographer and developed his own pictures. The photo  was taken using a delayed flash system. Hence the somewhat startled expressions, not only on our faces but also on Judy’s (the dog) face! My father sent copies to all of our family members in England.
To all readers of this article – Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy and Peaceful 2024. Jane and I hope to see you all at the June 2024 reunion.

PS – Just for interest the schools I attended were: Spring 1946 – French Infants, Ismailia Egypt. Summer 1946 – Forces Infants, Moascar Egypt. Winter 1946/47 – St. Thomas’s COE Infants, Waterloo (Liverpool). Spring 1947 – Merchant Taylors Preparatory, Crosby (Liverpool). Spring 1948 – Forces Junior School, Bielefeld (Germany). Spring 1949 – Forces Junior, Goslar (Germany). Winter 1949 – Forces Junior, Hildesheim (Germany). Autumn 1950 – Forces Junior, Bad Lippspringe (Germany). Summer 1951 – Prince Ruperts Boarding School, Wilhelshaven (Germany). Autumn 1952 – St David’s College (Bristol), and finally – Waterloo Secondary Modern (Liverpool).