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Membership of the Association is open to all ex-Administrative Apprentices and ex-Ruislip Apprentices. Associate membership is open to those who were not themselves Administrative Apprentices but who served as permanent staff at one of the Admin Apprentice Training Units. A membership fee of £10.00 is charged and payable on 2 January annually. For convenience we have provided below a Form of Application (required for all applicants). If you are unsure of your eligibility for either full or associate membership please do not hesitate to contact us for advice.

Newly enrolled members will sent our Membership Information Sheet which includes the Articles of the Association.  


Will Applicants Please Complete All Sections Of This Form And Press SUBMIT

    I wish to apply for membership of the RAF Administrative Apprentice Association and I have arranged to send the Association my fee of £10.00 for the year ending:

    The Hon Treasurer

    The Royal Air Force Administrative

    Apprentice Association

    Hawthorn House, 9 The Gables Paddock, Eastrington, Goole DN14 7GF, East Riding Of Yorkshire

    Have you objections to your details being passed to other members when requested

    I am prepared to serve on the Association Committee

    I play golf and would be prepared to play in Association competitions

    If you are in contact with other ex-Admin Apprentices please give as much contact information as possible In this box