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30th November, 2018

Relevant Notices Are Now Archived

When I publish a notice, it remains ‘live’ on the board until I feel it has been there long enough to have served its initial purpose. Rather than just delete all notices that has been on the board for some time, I have recently introduced a system whereby selected notices will be archived for future reference.

You could envisage a situation for example, where a notice was one asking for identification of someone in a photo which had not been seen before by a member trawling the archive, who finds he can answer the question. 

As such, I will do my best to archive only those notices that I feel will retain a relevance rather than archiving all of them. 

To this end you will note there is now a link at the bottom of each notice (including this one) that will take you to the Archived Notices page.

There is also a link to this page in the  News and Views drop down menu on the Home Page

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