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30th October, 2021

The Website Forum Page

Following  and sudden and unusually large increase in applications to register as a subscriber to our Website Forum page, I have determined that these applications are not genuine but are what are known as spambot.   Spambots are  autonomous programmes on the internet that sends spam to a large number of users or posts spam on online forums. An example might  be the irritating emails seeking service satisfaction after you have ordered something online.

While the individuals or sites behind the Forum spam registrations would not have been able to gain access any sensitive areas of the site, they nevertheless could as subscribers, leave unwanted messages and post advertising material when creating posts.

In view of what has been happening, I looked at the amount of traffic addressed to the Website Forum page since its inception and it is clear that the Forum idea has not been the success we had hoped for. There has been very little discussion generated since the facility was introduced some years ago. As such I believe that our members wishing to participate in Forum activity might wish to consider using our associated RAF Administrative Apprentices Association social media Facebook site:

Therefore, in view of the circumstances outlined above I have taken the decision (in conjunction with our Chairman) to remove the Website Forum facility from the Website. As a result access will no longer be available on the Main Menu on our Home Page.

Members are nevertheless reminded that all other areas of our website remain unchanged. Please continue to communicate with us using our existing facilities:

1. By Email to any of your Committee Members:

2. By Using the Noticeboard reply option area at the end of each published notice

3. By submitting one of our Contact Forms as appropriate:

a. Membership Form

b. Submit An Article

c. Find A Friend

4. The Annual Reunion Booking Form

If you have any quesions or observations on this particular issue please do not hesitate to contact me or reply as shown in item 2 above.






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