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23rd April, 2024

Reunion June 2024 – Update On Attendees

For your information please find below the latest list of those booked to attend   the forthcoming reunion:

Jim Wilcox – 5th
David Marshall – 23rd
John Reynolds – 23rd
David Bullied – 24th
Ron Anders – 29th
Peter Culley – 29th
George Masson – 29th
Roy Pipe- 29th
Harry Trumbell – 29th
Bryan Schofield – 33rd
Patrick Bunn – 34th
Michael Gunning – 38th
Mick Meyer – 43rd
Mick Morris – 44th
David Tinley – 44th
Peter Ralph – 46th
Steve Day – 304th
Patrick Whitelam – 304th
Tony Hammonds – 305th
Mike McCourt – 317th
Tom McKnight – 318th
Nick Kitson – 324th
David Wiilliams – 324th
Garry Hoyland – 330th
Ann Ashton – Honorary
Gillian Morrison – Honorary

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