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9th March, 2021

General Archives

I have now completed work on reorganising the layout of the General Archives section of our website. I am experiencing some minor issues with text colours which I hope will soon be resolved.

Would you please note that the main navigation bar previously headed ‘Scrapbooks’ has been redefined as ‘Association Archives’ which better reflects the overall content of the drop down menu. The Entry Scrapbook remains the first item in that menu.

The new page is divided into two sections. The first contains general photo galleries previously spread over 9 pages. Where possible individual galleries images have been titled with the source of the images. The same applies to many of the images themselves but it has not been possible to undertake this for all images.

Visitors need only to click on a photo in any gallery to display a larger size image and thumbnail images are displayed at the bottom of the gallery to enable you to through the gallery.

The second part of the page contains items of a documentary nature that have been provided by our members over the years. I would welcome further items like this which I will be pleased to include.



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