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7th January, 2022

Death Of An Association Member

Sadly we have been advised of the death of Association member John Michael Crips (23rd Entry) who passed away on the 19 November 2021. I have no further details at this time.

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2 thoughts on “Death Of An Association Member”

  1. Very sorry to hear this sad news. I took over from John as the Unit Warrant Officer at RAF Stornoway in 1990. We continued to exchange Christmas Cards until a couple of years ago. My sincere condolences go to his wife and family at this difficult time.

  2. I am unsure of the exact year that I first met John, probably in mid 1980s. He was the WO Cashier at RAF Leuchars and I was on 22 Squadron at Leuchars. I do remember our first meeting though. I was in SHQ to pick up a claim and as I was pocketing my cash he told me that, “I was the oldest Sprog he had in his office that morning”!!! We became friends from that “introduction” on. He said he hadn’t realised that Admin Apprentice numbers had risen so high – another Sprog dig!) We often ran into each other after that, either in the Mess, around the station or in St Andrews and we always found time to chew the fat and share a joke. John was unafailingly pleasant and chatty and it was always a pleasure to see him. Like all good WO’s in TG17 he was very well informed about matters official and unofficial and we both shared “intelligence” as Warrant Officers are wont to do!! I was posted in due course and I dropped into his office to bid him goodbye whilst I was clearing the station thereafter our paths did not cross again. That tall, lean, smart bespectacled WO looking over the top of his glasses from behin his counter is still in my minds eye. A throughly nice man. One of these days I will recount a story pertaining to John and I at Leuchars! My deepest sympathy to his wife and family. RIP John.

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