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8th March, 2023

A Poignant Article

Hanging On By Our Fingertips?

My thanks to my old friend and fellow member of the 29th Entry, Pete Culley for producing a very emotive article outlining his concerns as to the future of the Association.

To read the article please click here

In my opinion Peter is of course right in voicing his concerns. Clearly a number of factors must now determine whether or not the Association can survive. These must include a significant improvement in the number of applications to attend our Annual Reunions (which prompted our President and Chairman to voice their own concerns in the latest edition of the newsletter), more of our members willing to provide input for both the Newsletter and the Website and of course, volunteers to serve on the Committee.

Thanks again Peter for reminding us all that the future of our Association is in the hands of its members.

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One thought on “A Poignant Article”

  1. What an excellent article, which I’m sure reflects how the majority of our members feel. Sadly, the dynamics of the association are such that membership will diminish, but that doesn’t mean we can’t strive to encourage new members.
    The committee acknowledges that the future lies with the 300 Series entries and we constantly discuss and try to put in to practice ways to make contact with them. As always, we would welcome any ideas the membership might have towards this end.
    David Tinley. Membership Secretary.

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