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Where would we have been without those delightful characters who taught us, chased us around and generally made men out of boys? The permanent staff members who served at the various AATS training units were probably the most important people to influence us during our training. Some were hated, some were cartoon characters but most did a damn good job.

This page is dedicated to them. We must all have memories of those we came into contact with and some are certainly alive and kicking and probably still known to some of you. If you have any information whether historical or up to date, then do let us have it. For further advice contact

These pages are dedicated to mostly non-photographic memorabilia of interest to those who served as an RAF Administrative Apprentice, or indeed to most who served in the Royal Air Force. To View Specific Entry Photograph.



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Apprentice Graduation Certificate Awarded In 1958 - RAF Hereford