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From Charles (Jimmy James) – 24th Entry

Submitted May 2020

Website Manager Comment: Charles posted the following as a comment on a Notice but I thought it worth adding as an article in its own right. 

I was in the same entry as Ted Huntley at Credenhill 24th. Would be pleased to communicate with him about our times there about a hundred years ago. I can offer many amusing stories about my fourteen year service as a supplier, some I have previously submitted to the association. Sadly living as a widower for the past ten years Iam writing my second book, a work of fact and fiction, mainly based on survival and success of a Polish Jew who managed to survive the Nazi occupation of Poland in WW2 despite spending the last year of the war in Belsen, moving to Israel, and eventually running a very successful chain of businesses in UK My first book available at Amazon is also based on fact and fiction . Titled “Rising Sun Memories” by Stuart James , this is based on my experience serving at RAF Tengah Singapore 1962-64 when I was privileged to hear the account of a Chinese gentlemen who had survived the brutal Japanese occupation of Singapore twenty years previously after fighting them in the resistance