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Court Martial No 2 – Dave Bulleid 24th

In 1965 I was P1A at HQ Signals Command (Formerly HQ 90 Group). As such I was charged with preparing documentation for Courts Martial convened in the Command. One such concerned an airman whom had been having unnatural relations with his children!

To say that the sensitivity concerned with the preparation for this trial is an understatement. At one point I was duly summoned to attend at the JAG’s Department in Cockspur Street for a briefing.

At the day of the trial I attended, as usual best blue and shiny shoes. The principle witness for the prosecution was the airman’s wife and when she was called she would only state her  full name and address:  I couldn’t believed my ears. Apparently, so the story goes, is that the defence team got to her and advised that a conviction would lead to her eventual eviction from MQs and a life without a wage-earning husband.

The President then merely stated “You are free to go”.

All my careful graft and attention to exactness and detail was wasted – I was bollocksed!!.