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The Peter Lee Gallery Of Enhanced Images

Peter Lee was an Admin Boy Entrant entry, 51st Entry, D flight RAF Hereford 1964 – 65. He came across our site by chance as many do. He chanced upon photographs of Reg Drinkwater, who was at the time Peter was at Credenhill, Station Disp. Sgt (P). Peter says he was fortunate to keep under his radar, but always respected him and was sorry to read of his passing.

Peter was invalided out of the RAF within a year of leaving Credenhill, but still remembers his time in service with fondness. One of his hobbies now, is the manipulation of digital images and he could not resist the temptation to have a go at some of our rather scratched and grainy images. I am glad he did because the results are really a great improvement as you will see below. I have been in touch with Peter and should he decide to enhance further photos, I will continue to post them on this page. Thank you Peter for your efforts.