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28th December, 2015

Contacting The Association

Would members please note that if you wish to contact the Association, your query or notification should be addressed to the Committee member responsible for dealing with your enquiry. For example, changes of personal circumstances, ie address and/or email addresses should be directed to the Membership Secretary or matters relating to subscriptions to the Treasurer etc.  A full list of the names of Association Committee members, their responsibilities, telephone numbers and email contact addresses as well as details of our Regional Group Coordinators can be found on the Contact Us page.

For non members wishing to apply for membership of the Association, an interactive Membership application form is available by clicking Contact Us as is the Find A Friend application form. Anyone wishing to submit a piece for the Newsletter or as an article for our article archives can do so by completing the form available from the Member Articles page.

All queries relating to the Website or the Association Newsletter should continue to be addressed to me administrator@rafadappassn,org

Finally, if you are unsure as to who to contact I will be pleased to assist you. Many thanks for your cooperation.

Alan Bell 29th Entry

Website Manager

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2 thoughts on “Contacting The Association”

  1. Have you an up-to-date contact email or telephone number for the Costa Blanca Branch – the email address shown in the local papers keeps being rejected as non-resistant.

    Why not change the name of the Association to include Boy Entrant Adminers?

    1. Hi Bob,
      Thank you I will make some enquiries regarding the Association’s Spanish Regional Group. The last recorded meeting was in early 2016 and I have no idea if it is still active.
      On the subject of consideration being given to renaming our Association to include BEs who trained in the administrative trades, under the present terms of our constituion this would not be possible. Membership of the RAFAAA is open only to those who trained as Administrative Apprentices, those who trained those apprentices and those granted honorary membership.
      Best regards
      Alan Bell
      Association Website Manager

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