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Peter Robin Barker310th Medical Secretaryptrbrk@aol.comMichael Clarke310th Medical SecretaryOriginally from the Ashton under Line area ?
His service number was **595842
Peter Robin Barker310th Medical Secretaryptrbrk@aol.comPeter A Norton310th Medical SecretaryCame from Sheffield area originally. His service number was **595865
Bill Almen320bill-almen@hotmail.comAll 320320Time is passing by! Would be great to try and get us all together again. I have set up a FB page - 320 AA Hereford 1971 - 7 already on there which is still a long way to go! Sadly my big friend Bernie Dix is no longer with us. Any more? Lets do it lads, please advertise via social media.
Tony winstanley306thtonyw49@btinternet.comPhil scrancher, francis wareham ,john enticknap306th All lads 306 entry .
Steve302graigxmasevent@hotmail.comDavid Williams303I last saw Dave at Episkopi in 69-70. He returned to Stafford where he had an accident with a Forklift with left him with at least a broken leg. After that... Any gen would be invaluable. Thanks.
Rowland Pickering (nicknamed by fellow Apprentices as "General")5thronoal@gmail.comWillie Huggins5thHis email address ( does not respond. Would also appreciate his home telephone number. Thanks.
Rowland Pickering (nicknamed by fellow Apprentices as "General"5thronoal@gmakl.comWillie Huggins 5thDo you have his home telephone number and his current email address?
Jim Davis310 admin apprentice davisfamily100@hotmail.comJohn Hammond, Dave Hardinge, Geoff Dickinson, Jacko, Rodber, Fred Atkinson,Tony Clements and other guys from 310310 admin apprentice entry 50th anniversary coming up guys!! Be good to see you again after all these years
Godfrey Welford31stwalwelford@gmail.compaul shubrook & Tim chapman31stBoth were my colleagues at Hereford since leaving we have lost contact, we were always together initailly Suppliers we were put back to the 32nd entry and became Clerk Secs
Jim Davis310davisfamily100@hotmail.comEvan Davidge306?Is that Evan,from raf wattisham shq? Spent about 200 years at your home base?
Jim Davis310davisfamily100@hotmail.comJohn Hammond310Is that you Pixie?
Mike Casey310repliestomike@gmail.comAny member310th Entry t HerefordTrying to organise a 50th anniversary reunion for ex members of our entry. Ex "F" flight members also very welcome.
Thank you
John Hammond310th Entry Clk Sec September members of this entry310th Entry Clk Sec September 1967I am interested in arranging a 50th anniversary meet up for members of this entry
Sam Mold592096sammold@fastmail.fm592 173, J "Ginger" Jones2nd EntryLast known to be stationed at USAF Base, Hickham, Hawai, in support of UK's Christmas Island nuclear bomb tests.
Gwyn Turner594950Jo and I were both in the football team
Rick Callaby39thrick.callaby@gmail.comE. J.C. (Eddie) Harris39th Worked in the Middle East after leaving the RAF. Came from. Brixham Devon. Was in Singapore at HQ FEC 1966 - 68
Alan H F Smith5th Entryferrybridge47c@outlook.comRonald Phillips5th EntryHe beat me in the Passing Out exams for the Clerk Accounting prize in 1950. Whereas, throughout our training at RAF ST Athan I had always managed to come top of the Clerk Accounts.
Graham (Geordie) Goddard317thelizagram@btinternet.comAnyone from my entry.317thI have tried previously to contact ex Apprentices from my entry but have drawn a blank. I would be pleased to hear from anyone in my entry who may remember me. Kind regards (Geordie) Goddard.
TONY NOYCE39TH RECOURSED 40TH AS SUPPLIERtonybearswindon@hotmail.comany of the suppliers in MR ROBERTS class supply40thnow 55 years since we passed out. looking for updated information on any of the Supplier s in the 4o th Entry passed out December 1961. 55 years this year maybe a reunion /few beer before we all die off
David Stapleton314davidstapleton123@gmail.comBob Swan, Pete Wilkinson, David Williams, David Tisdale.314/315Last saw Bob when he was stationed at RAF Wittering in about 1976/77 but then lost touch as I was then out of the RAF myself.