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Reg Drinkwater (Cpl Drill Instructor AATS Hereford)

In those days you joined an elite part of the RAF and I thought then and still do think that you subsequently formed a substantial part of the backbone of the modern air force.
The day you came to join the RAF you were just young boys looking to a future in the air force just like myself a few years earlier when I joined in 1948. As I know I did,
you made the right choice.
During those days I didn’t only meet you all as young lads who I had to train into well disciplined men but I also made many friends who I might never otherwise have met. What pleases me is that I subsequently had the opportunity to meet many of you again after my departure from the apprentice wing in 1957 (into the R.A.F: POLICE). Two of who remain particularly good friends, namely Alan Bell (29th Entry) and David Spicer. Since my discharge I have talked about all of you in one way or another and always with a sense of pride for all of you. I never had any doubts about you PASSINGOUT from BOYS TO MEN.
Passing out parades were both sad and happy (you were all splitting up from your friends and going into a new world as qualified tradesmen) leaving poor old Reg sad and having to cope with the next intake!
Yes my memories of you have remained with me. As ‘she in doors who must be obeyed’ often remarks, “get me on the service wave length and it is my thing with the Administrative Apprentices always at the tip of my tongue. I have always had that pride in the Admin Apprentice side of the service and now since my family decided I should have a computer I can visit your Association Website and read up on all that you have achieved since you passed out from Apprentice training. I am proud to see that many of you gained high commissioned officer and SNCO rank with many others doing exceptionally well in civilian life after leaving the service. Good luck to you all, good health and as Bob Hope said THANKS FOR THE MEMORY. Oh by the way I never knew I was nicknamed the RAZOR SHARP KID!