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I recently read some back copies of ‘The Apprentice’ magazine from the late 1950s and early 1960s. It was interesting  to see the variety of postings that ex apprentices experienced in those days and this was enhanced even more when considering the tours carried out by Clerk Secs in overseas embassies etc such as Ghana, Rhodesia, Moscow and many more. I wonder if such duties are filled now by serving RAF personnel?

There were also varied and unusual postings in the UK and or two had me thinking ”where was that?” There used to be 42 RAF stations in Norfolk alone – there is now only one  (RAF Marham).

One such posting which caught my eye was the following mentioned in the ”School Notes” article in the Spring 1961 magazine, I quote: ”An ex-apprentice who also merits congratulations is J/T Beaman (36th Entry) who was selected to undergo training in the department of the Director of Legal services. On completion of a two year course of training, he will be promoted to the rank of Chief Technician!”

I would imagine that having done the course he would then have spent much of his career with the Legal Services. Oddly, Beaman is not in the list of names for the 36th Entry on the Apprentice web site. However, he is listed against that entry on a computer print out of entries that I have but there are no initials or service number. It would be interesting to know what happened to him and I wonder whether any ex 36th member, or any other entry member for that matter, can throw any further light on the matter?