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An Embarrassing Encounter

In 1961 I took advantage of a 48hour pass from Bircham to my home at R.A.F. Halton, Wendover, Bucks, where my father was an instructor.

I was very fortunate with my hitchhiking and arrived in Wendover just after 1am. I had been unable to advise my parents of my visit and wishing not to disturb them, I knew where a spare key was kept in the coal shed. I let myself in and made my way quietly to my room without switching on the lights.

Still keeping very quiet, I gently opened my bedroom door and went in closing it behind me. I proceeded to take of my uniform, then standing in my vest and “sheddies”, reached out to pull back my bedcovers and as I did so, a piercing scream rent the air, horror of horrors, I’m in the wrong house, I thought. I immediately fumbled to switch on the light and turned to see

a young woman, wide-eyed and clutching the bed clothes to her chest. There was a loud noise on the landing and my father burst into the room. My mother and sister ,Pauline were close


“What the hell are you doing here?” My father demanded. ” I managed to a 48 and decided to come to see you. Who is that girl in my bed?”

It turned out that it was my sister’s friend who was staying for the night.  I still wasn’t 100% convinced I was in the right house, so I crept downstairs, still in my underclothes opened the front door and checked the house number.

After this, whenever I had the luck to meet my sister’s friend, I’d smile, and she would go red in the face.


Mike Hamill 40th Supply.