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A Different Aspect Of Supply – Terry McCune 21st Entry

Posted to Salalah mid 70,s to take over as F/S Supply from Frank Phillips (ex 19th)
Arrived at Masirah and problem started, have you got your passport, no, told by Gen.Office I didn’t need one,wrong. Took a week to get passport sorted. 
Arrived Salalah, won’t repeat Frank’s welcome!!!!
Anyways got settled in,had a couple of SAC’s to assist. Asked why we had so many Tri–Wall containers. Told because cargo space on the weekly Herc was at a premium R/D items and R/S  were not returned but buried in the desert and as stores were  received in tri-walls the pile had grown.  
At this time trouble in Cyprus had flared up and the weekly Herc re-routed direct to Masirah which meant we were on short rations.
Also at this time a baluchi army were detached to assist SOAF in protecting the Airfield and were based over the fence where the tri-walls were stored.
The lieutenant in charge asked for some tri-walls, I said I’ll do a trade, he replied for what. They wore K.D. much superior to ours so I suggested a swop. 
Because he only had 2 spare sets I agreed he could have 6 boxes. In course of our talk I asked about food shortages. No problem theirs came from Iran regularly. I suggested fresh meat for boxes and he agreed, so for the next 3 weeks we fed well and  the F/S i/c the Regiment looked very smart.
After this I was called Trader Mac and did a few more deals which I won’t mention.