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Social  media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Google and others too many to count are everywhere these days. People, it seems are hooked on digital communication. As a small community, the RAF Administrative Apprentices Association like many other groups, wishes to encourage its existing members, those who are not yet members and anyone else with an interest in matters Royal Air Force, to get together via our forums in order to provoke discussion and debate on topics that concern us.

Our rules are clear and simple. Please read the following carefully before proceeding to register.

You  must register in order to take part in discussion

At present, we have two forum topics – General Discussion where you can talk about anything that interests you


Memory Lane where you can share your experiences either as an ex-RAF Admin Apprentice , any subsequent RAF service or life as civilian after leaving the RAF.

As your website manager, I will also be responsible for moderating posts and hopefully will take part in some of the discussion from time to time.

All serving and ex servicemen and women are pretty broadminded. However, Please note that all posts will be moderated and any likely to seriously offend will be  immediately deleted.

Alan Bell 29th Entry

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