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27th September, 2020

The Dieter Dappen Page

German U-Boat Moored At What Is Now The Prince Rupert School

I have recently been corresponding with Dieter Dappen, an ex-Administrative Apprentice from the 31st Entry. Dieter was known as Peter Willis while an apprentice and while he was at Hereford in 1957/8 he took a lot of photographs. These, up until now were published as a unique page on our website. He did not finish his course but returned to his native Germany where he has lived ever since.

During our recent contact, Dieter told me the story of his early life and that of his biological father who served in the German Navy U-Boat service during the war. We both thought this would make a good read for our members so between us we have written up and published his story in a revamped Dieter Dappen Page. It is also worthy of note that Dieter and Harry Trumbell (29th) were both pupils at the British Army School in Wilhelmshaven before joining the RAF and knew each other.

Enough said. Click the link and browse The Deiter Dappen Page

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One thought on “The Dieter Dappen Page”

  1. Thank you Deiter for such an informative and personal account of your father. I also remember watching the U-boats being lifted our of the dock whilst at PRS Wilhelmshaven in 1952!!! How long ago is that??? Take care and I do hope that we can meet up at a future reunion.

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