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13th January, 2021

Hatbands – Administrative Apprentices And Apprentice Clerks

My thanks to John Smith (ex-74th Entry Halton) for contacting the Association with regard to his research into the colours of hatbands worn by Administrative Apprentices and Apprentice Clerks. Having consulted with our President and Chairman, I have published our findings within the History section of the website.  You will note that we have stated that the information is as accurate a picture as we have been able to ascertain but we are open to suggestions if you consider any of the published information is incorrect. If you wish to read up on what we have agreed on click the following link:

The RAF Administrative Apprentice Scheme



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5 thoughts on “Hatbands – Administrative Apprentices And Apprentice Clerks”

  1. Regarding the article on Apprentice hatbands, my recollection of Hereford 1955-1956 was that Pay Account apprentices had Green, Clerk Secs had Red and Suppliers had Dark Blue. I presume this applied to all entries during their time there?

    1. Hi Grahame,
      I know that we had different coloured discs when wearing berets but I think we all had green hatbands on the SD. Would welcome other comments on this one.

  2. I am no longer a member but I would like to add to hatband investigation. I was an 18th entry clerk sec and in early June 1953 I was one of eight admin apprentices detailed to be official spectators at the coronation. We eight arrived at RAF Uxbridge and were put in a barrack room and told to unpack after which we would go for meal. We started unpacking when a Corporal dashed in told us to repack and go to another room. At that time we had black and white chequered headbands and we had been put in with boy entrants who also had chequered hatbands. We were told that the two could not mix hence our early move to another room. Shortly after this our headbands were changed to green.

  3. 313th Supply Entry
    Definitely had Red/White check hat band.
    Still got mine, however it’s showing signs of having had a hard life and if WO Ben Harbourn (not sure of the spelling) sore it, he would probably explode and I would have been on latrine duty until I passed out.
    Anybody got a spare one?

  4. From a 3rd Entry point of view I vaguely remember we were first issued with a single colour hat band, light or dark blue, and at some later stage supplied with the black and white bands. If you look at some of the old images on the website the 1st, 2nd and 3rd entries all started off with a single colour band but passed-out with a black and white band. I do not know where John Smith got the idea of green bands in September 1948, see passing out colour in September 1949. Back to the ‘drawing board’ John!

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