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3rd August, 2019

Federation Of Apprentice And Boy Entrants Associations

Our Chairman Bryan Schofield attended the meeting of FABEA held on 23rd July where the future of RAF Halton and the Halton Apprentices and Boy Entrant Associations was discussed. The Halton Apprentices Chairman confirmed that the closure of Halton will more than likely be deferred until 2025.  However, he also stated that the Halton Apprentices Association will definitely close down next year and that a Trust will be formed  to protect the Association assets. 

A similar message was delivered by the Boy Entrants Association which will close down in September 2020. 

A final meeting of the Federation is planned for July next year during which the Locking Chairman and our Association will discuss the possibility of transferring any of the Halton and Boy Entrant Association’s members, who wish to, into our respective Associations.  Our current Articles of Association does permit former Boy Entrants who trained as clerks, cooks and medics to transfer to us.

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