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Retrieving Old Facebook Posts Can Take A Long Time

22nd May 20I6

have been looking through the various posts made on our Facebook page . I happen to belong to a number of  similar RAF related sites also accessed via Facebook and I find that posts and photos on a particular topic soon become ‘lost’ as new topics appear. Sometimes you find that a new discussion reminds you that you have ‘been there before’ and perhap even posted eg photographs on that topic months earlier. Of course nobody seems to remember that! Also the time taken trawling through pages of facebook posts to retrieve a post or photograph can be very time consuming indeed.

A much better way of making sure that your advertisement of a forthcoming entry reunion, your photographs/accounts of such events (or of your days as an apprentice or later), remain readily accessible whenever you or others wish to look them up, is to send these to me as well. I will then include them in the appropriate part of our website and publicise this on this the Noticeboard page.


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