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29th April, 2017

Association Blazer Badge

The New Blazer Badge

29th April 2017

The Association have commissioned a Blazer Badge at a cost of £10.20 (inc VAT). At a recent committee meeting,  it was agreed that the quality was excellent. If any member would like to purchase one, could you please send your order (with payment) to David Johnson, Association Publicity Officer  32 Alexandra Road, Lytham St Annes. Lancs, FY8 1YD. Alternatively the badge can be ordered at the AGM.

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7 thoughts on “Association Blazer Badge”

  1. I will buy one of these to support the Association.
    However, personally, I think that blazers are worn less & less.
    Have we considered a pin (clutch type) lapel badge?
    David Tinley

  2. I still have my original blazer badge from 1960 but the white background has discoloured quite badly so this will be a welcome replacement.
    I agree re the comments on a lapel badge.

  3. I was aware of the mention of the Blazer badge, but until reading the minutes of the latest AGM, I was unaware of any items that were sold ie. ties , badges etc.
    Can details of such be put on the site, as I am sure there may be others keen to obtain such items.

  4. Brian,
    I will contact our Treasurer who I am sure can provide me with a full list of items sold in connection with the Association together with current prices. I will then publish these details.

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