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20th March, 2018

A Warning

Many of you may have come across a Facebook Group run by an individual calling himself Frankie Seaton.

I have been making some discreet enquiries regarding Seaton and his site. I am reliably informed he is more than likely to be one Frank P Ford an ex-319th Supplier. His modus operandi seems to be to get himself on multiple RAF related FB pages, with all sooner rather than later banning him once his anti RAF comments start to appear. I have reason to believe he also calls himself Dave Ward and also Matt (his site claims all three are site Admin).

As ‘Seaton’ claimed to have been an ex-Admin Apprentice, I once decided to join his FB Group (any site that might reveal potential members of our Association are of interest to me). However following a number of failed attempts to get him identify himself as a genuine ex-Admin Apprentice called Seaton and, following some some appalling posts and bad language,  I decided to leave. Others have had similar experiences and there is quite a lot of negative comment about Seaton’s site by those visiting our own FB site run by Bryan Hoare.

Both ‘Seaton’ and ‘Ward’ operate Facebook pages but they have nothing on them. Apparently what he does is trawl the friends of those that accept his FB friend requests and then invites them to his Apprentice FB page. Currently, he has over a 1000 members on what I initially thought was a closed site (open to ex-Apprentices only). In fact his members include many non ex-RAF Apprentices.  If you challenge him as to why this is, he claims his site is ‘open to all’. 

Having read this notice, you must of course make up your own minds should you happen to be a member of Seaton’s site, or feel you want to join it.   My opinion and belief is that he is a bit of a Walter Mitty character whose claims should be treated with a great deal of caution. Quite what his motives are apart from attention seeking is beyond me!

Note: Frank P Ford ex-319th Entry is NOT a member of the this Association.

Update 22nd March 2018: I am led to understand that ‘Seaton’ has now created yet another Facebook Page in the name of Jonathon Brackenbury and tried again (unsuccessfully) to join the newly formed RAF Apprentices FB Group.

Must give him 100 % for trying though!









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