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18th January, 2022

A New Article

Our thanks to Alastair Cameron (303rd) for sending us a very interesting account of his time at Hereford. His extremely detailed article will, I am sure, resonate with most of you! Happy days!!

To read the article follow the link below:

Memories Of Credenhill – Alastair Cameron 303rd


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2 thoughts on “A New Article”

  1. A wonderful article and one of our best ever published. What a memory he has to recall so much detail from many decades ago. Thanks for a great read – and for further re-reads, as it merited them. Dave Ainsworth 304th

  2. Hello David,
    Thank you for your appreciative comments regarding my article.
    Am I correct in recalling that the football pile-driver was yours?

    Best wishes,

    Alastair/Cammy (delete as applicable!)

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