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1st May, 2020

A Heartfelt Message From Your President And Chairman

1 May 2020

Good Afternoon

By now, many of you will have received a direct e-mail from your Association Membership Secretary, Frank Wareham, entitled “State of Play”.    This highlights what he describes as his disappointment regarding the manner in which the Association has been allowed to slide into apathy under the tenure of the present Committee;   more worryingly, his message was distributed without prior knowledge,  or sanction,  from us –  or, indeed, any of the Committee.    We are extremely dismayed that Frank has chosen to air his personal views in public, in such an arbitrary manner, as this inevitably, calls into question both his integrity and his loyalty to your present Committee.

Prior to the above, each member of the Committee had received a ground laying e-mail from Frank, inferring that colleagues had orchestrated to remove him from the Committee because his direct “style” was considered aggressive and domineering.  He claimed that the Association would not fold if they chose to resign, as he had a dedicated team of highly competent and enthusiastic members willing to serve in their place.  He further highlighted a number of administrative procedures, within the Association, which he felt should be changed.   A number of these comments had been previously received from him by individual Committee members via direct e-mail, initially and tellingly without the Chairman’s knowledge.  However, the manner in which they were expressed was considered by recipients to be demanding, authoritative and disruptive, rather than consultative and constructive, which is the norm under which your Committee operates.

As a result, the Committee unanimously concluded that Frank’s actions were impacting negatively on the effective running of Committee business, to such an extent as to render their collective positions untenable and agreed that, unless Frank resigned as a member of the Committee, they would themselves step down.   Obviously, this situation could not be allowed to develop any further and Frank was instructed by the Chairman to refrain from making direct contact with other Committee members, but to ensure that all future comments regarding the administration of Association affairs were directed only to the Chairman.   This was independently endorsed by a similar e-mail sent to him by the Association Secretary.   The unrepentant response to both was similar;  Frank valued himself as the grain of sand that produces the pearl.

Unfortunately, the instruction not to approach Committee members direct was short-lived and the Chairman felt it necessary to contact each member of the Committee individually, to seek their inclinations.   The general feeling was that Frank’s actions were severely affecting their collective desire to remain as Association Committee members.   With the agreement of the President, the Chairman then wrote to Frank, as Membership Secretary, requiring him to step down from the Committee with immediate effect.   In response, he stated that he would not stand down and instead invited the Chairman to consider his own position.   Full details of these exchanges were passed to the President, who then contacted Frank by telephone, reiterating the decision for him to step down;  this instruction was later confirmed in writing by the President.    Frank responded by explaining that he had simply wanted to weed out the dead wood on the Committee.

Frank’s stance, which hints at a deeper agenda, is currently under consideration and will be resolved in the near future.  However,  please be advised that, with immediate effect, Bryan Schofield has officially taken over the appointment of Membership Secretary and all matters concerning Association membership should be directed to him.

Now, without the presence of this one dissenting member, the remainder of the existing Committee are privileged to continue serving the Association to the best of their ability and please be assured that we remain committed to the continuing maintenance and fostering of friendship, comradeship and esprit de corps that we have striven to achieve over the last 22 years.

Bryan Schofield Association Chairman
Jim Wilcox Association Life President








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51 thoughts on “A Heartfelt Message From Your President And Chairman”

  1. Jim and Bryan have my full support in the action they have taken to remove this unwelcome grain of sand from the Association Committee.

    1. Total support and respect for the decision. I have not received The said email but understand from the ‘urgent email ‘ the situation. It is not acceptable and your decision I hope to be the end of the matter.

  2. Frank’s comments were both unnecessary and unwelcome. The association is going strong while other similar associations are falling by the wayside. Please, please keep up the good work.

  3. To Bryan, Jim and all members of the Committee (bar one!), I wish you to know that you have my total support and respect. I was somewhat staggered to receive the ex-Secretary’s email – not only was it rude and abrasive but not particularly well written! I fully concur with the actions you have taken. Please continue doing your great work!

  4. I to was surprised at the tone of the email from Frank. I deleted it after reading the first few lines, I have seen this sort of attempted ‘take over’ in civilian life. It didn’t work then and I will have no truck with that sort of action now.

    To me he is acting like loose canon and I fully support Jim & Brian in the action they have taken.

  5. The Committee have my whole hearted support. (This is not the kiss of death by the way). I think you do a superb job and I will be happy to continye to support yiu all.

  6. I concur with the action taken. I consider Franks comments were aggressive, very pointed and not acting in the collective responsibility and considered way that you would expect from a committee member. His stubbornness shows that his conviction that he is right and others a wrong will not be swayed. Best he stands down.

  7. Jim and Brian, Your report comes as a total surprise to me; no doubt in time we will learn more. I totally support the Committees actions.

  8. I am one the many who are reluctant to put ourselves forward to serve on the committee but very much appreciate the work of those who do. You have kept the association active for all these years and you deserve, and have, our full support.

    1. I agree with Keith – and I received Frank’s email not bcc – which was a shock too! Keep up the good work and sorry I can’t be more actively involved living in Thailand!

  9. These things happen from time to time (and have in the case of at least two other RAF Associations of which I am also a member). It’s something to do with human nature.

    I’m only involved on the fringe, but the committee has always seemed to me to be active and well organised, and so I’m content with the way things are. Good luck as you sort things out. Jim and Bryan have my full support.

    Bryan Clark (27th)

  10. Well done. You have my full support. Appropriate response by your team.

    Apprentice life back to normal and our standards undiminished. Let’s not dwell too long on this one.

    Many thanks

    Mike Sillence (35th)

  11. Although not an active member of the Association, mainly due to my being on holiday at the time of the annual meeting, I have no problems with the how the Association is administered. I am delighted to be a member and intend to continue to support. I look forward to the newsletters and their content.
    I was also slightly surprised at the tone of the email from Frank Wareham but hadn’t realised he was acting on his own agenda.
    The committee and their actions have my support.

  12. I concur with these actions. It might be prudent to review all the recent posts he has published on our FB page. Also it took 3 emails from me to him to change my contact email. I did notice that the offending emails sent out as ‘to’ and not as ‘blind’ copies which I thought was strange.

  13. Here in the US where i currently reside an immediate comparison comparison comes of one who wants everything and everyone to agree and change to his (warped) way of thinking what is best for us which is in stark contrast what the sane majority want. Carry on your good work that you have been doing

  14. I have to admit I was somewhat taken aback by the email that the disruptive element forwarded. To the point, and I do not apologise for the base language, “what the f… that’s all about “, Bryan knows I am very base anyway. I am Jim and Bryan you have the full backing of the majority if not, apparently of all members. Pet Adua Ad Astra.

  15. President Jim and Chairman Bryan,

    I was astonished and not a little saddened by Frank’s e-mail. However, you Jim and Bryan, and the remainder of the committee have my full support; well done.

  16. the committee has my full support and hope the situation can be resolved without delay.This association has put me in touch with members from over 55 years ago and has been most welcome to this old appo.and to have the good work destroyed by politics would be a great shame..thanks for your good work and keep safe.

  17. the committee has my full support and hope the situation can be resolved without delay.This association has put me in touch with members from over 55 years ago and has been most welcome to this old appo.and to have the good work destroyed by politics would be a great shame..thanks for your good work and keep safe.

  18. I fully support and endorse the democratic decisions and actions of the Chairman, President and other members of the Committee in dealing with the undemocratic and irresponsible actions of Frank Wareham. His attitude and assumptions fly in the face of the standards that were firmly entrenched in our training and preparation for a worthwhile career and on which many of us built success in the Service and beyond into civilian life. It is regrettable that the membership of our Association should be mired by such poor judgement and Mr Wareham should now do the decent thing and stand down. His original missive was perhaps the most potent indication of fitness for office – unclear, biased and poorly written.

  19. I, for one, fully support the dedicated committee of this association in their actions, and was somewhat surprised at the content of the email I received from Frank Wareham, to be honest I didn’t even know who he was. Does he even have any supporters in his actions?.

  20. Jim, Bryan and other committee members you are doing a great job. I did wonder about the said email. Not sure who the supporters are!

  21. The President, Chairman and Committee have done a marvellous job over the years and I hope will continue to do so. As for Frank Wareham – goodbye and good riddance.

  22. Jim and Bryan,
    I have always very much appreciated the work of the Committee and fully support the action they have taken. I too do not know who Frank is and was very surprised to see the content of his email.

    Please keep up the outstanding work that you do.

    Rick Dickinson, 35th

  23. I was somewhat “gobsmacked” at receiving that email from Mr Wareham. Having read it I deleted it as it seemed to be a long winded “winge” with the aim of unsettling the Organisation. Volunteers need to be supported and not undermined like this. I much appreciate the explanation received today and assure the Committee of my support for their continued efforts.
    Des Skinner 41st Supplier

  24. I was extremely surprised and disappointed after reading about Frank’s actions and behaviour. Has he so easily forgotten the priciples which were created for some and enhanced for others, during our apprenticeship training, relating to loyality, respect and comradeship? The President and Chairman have kept this organisation going, often under very difficult circumstances. They do not deserve the unacceptable behaviour of Mr Wareham.
    I have 100% support for the committee, but not 100% support for individual members!
    Now where did I put my 252s?

  25. i have not been privy to Frank Wareham’s email. However, I do support ‘evolution’ as opposed to ‘revolution’ and it appears Mr Wareham has elected to take the latter course. I fully support the elected Committee, who are doing a good job. If he (Wareham) wants to change things, there is a process to be followed.

  26. I too was disappointed and sadden at the tone of Frank Wareham’s communication. I have enjoyed, albeit at a distance, my involvement with our Association and the way it has been run and managed has been in the interests of us all.
    Jim, Bryan and the Committee have my full support.

  27. Good morning, I received a rather curious email from Frank Wareham that I originally thought was a Spam! It was addressed to an ‘open’ seemingly select group of email addressees? I only recognised one addressee. When I read the email it seemed to have many grammatical errors and rambled. I dismissed it but not before contacting Frank on his breach of GDPR in that the odd group of emails was open for all to see. That concerned me as by using an open group I was not aware if routine Spam controls were in place and the whole group could see my email address. Thus, potentially leaving me open to Spam and hacking. Frank did respond with an apology to me but not sure he did to the rest of the Association members? Good luck.

  28. Thank you for this, I never received the original communication regarding the committee in the first place, so I am unaware of any changes that Frank wants to make. Personally I have no complaints about the association, but it must be very diddicult to please all the people all the time.

  29. Like many of the membership, I rely solely on the efforts of the committee for information concerning organisation. Also, like many others, I was totally dismayed and shocked to receive such a message. The committee do a fantastic job in keeping us all informed and they have my full support in the action they have taken

  30. Having been a member of the Association, albeit a distant one, for many years I was disappointed to hear of the “politics” which has crept into the Executive of the Committee. I have over the years found the working of the Association very professional and above all informative. I fully support Jim, Bryan and the rest of the democratically elected members.

  31. Did not receive this email nor do I know of the person in question. Came across this sort of crassness during my career in Industry and Commerce – all of which was to the detriment of the instigator. Suggest the Committee and the Association all carry on their good work as before. After all no damage has been done.

  32. Patently Mr Whareham (have I got that right), received his training at the Donald Trump School of Bad Manners and Boorishness. Take a hike feller, you are not required in this Association until and unless you acquire at least a modicum of humility, good manners and common decency. Obviously the man has a very inflated opinion of his own self worth. I hope that the Chairman and Committee will be unaffected by this incident and continue with their unselfish and much appreciated work for the Association. You have my wholehearted support.

  33. I too found the email amazing. Totally surprised me. As a fairly recent member I have always found the committee members approachable and friendly and concur with many of the previous statements – they do an excellent job and we are lucky to have such a good group. Pity that one spoils that but in all my years on committees involved in athletics I too have seen this type of behaviour before. If you join a committee you should accept you are there to work collectively. As someone else said, if you want to change things there are procedures to do that and they should be followed. I fully support the actions that have been taken.

  34. I received the e-mail from Frank Wareham and found it somewhat disturbing. I have attended a few AGMs/Reunions over the years and always thought the committee did a great job; please carry on.

  35. Haven’t been a member for long and have attended last two reunions and would have attended a third this year. Carry on with the good work. No complaints.

  36. Friendship is what our Association is all about and it behoves all of us to be friendly to one another. Anyone unable or unwilling to be friendly while also in disagreement should never seek to hold a position which carries authority and demands respect.

  37. Having read the original message, I felt that the aggressor did not fit into the hard working model of the Associations’ Committee. I agree the course of action taken against him.

  38. I thought the message from Frank Wareham was SPAM especially in its content so I deleted it immediately.
    I think the Committee do a very difficult and demanding job,well done.

  39. Frank Wareham was (and still is) completely out of order! Bob Danes could not have put it better – well said Bob. I have been hugely impressed with the way our chairman and his committee have run matters for the Association – we are lucky to have them. I have been suffering a “black out” on my computer for a few days, and have only just managed to sort it out – so have spent a couple of days trawling through pages of email hence the delay in commenting on Frank Wareham’s missive. He should resign forthwith.

  40. I didn’t receive a copy of this original communication which indicated a level of discontent. I don’t think I’ve missed much! I attended our 2019 AGM and pledge my full support for those members who were elected to their posts and who, I know, will continue to give their best in taking our Association forward.

  41. United we stand. divided we will not be.
    Now we move forward to better times and many more reunions.

  42. In his resignation letter, Frank Wareham makes two telling revelations. First, “Mr F Wareham” precedes his address. Only those with an appropriate professional status, such as surgeons, have the right to address themselves as such. For the rest of us, we invite others to use the title by, for instance, writing F Wareham (Mr) at the end of the letter and below the signature.
    The second revelation is the use of “Dear Scofield”. This would be appropriate between two persons of equally high status where the writer did not wish to imply a lower status of himself by using the courtesy title of “Mr’ to the addressee. This was presumably intentional on Mr Wareham’s part.

    But so what? Mr Wareham has gone, the Association lives on to meet another day, and I can go out again from tomorrow. Happy days are here again!!

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