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    hello Adminners,

    I’m a currently serving RAF Sgt (not admin, don’t hold it against me!) and i’m also a keen amateur historian and medal researcher. I’ve recently become the current custodian to a pair of medals awarded to an admin apprentice from the 38th entry at RAF Bircham Newton. H was awarded the GSM with South Arabia clasp (awarded as a J/T) and his LSGC (to a Sgt). He sadly passed in 2009 but I’ve a few questions regarding training and postings for Admin Apprentices if possible?

    1) Joining up in late ’58, the airman didn’t actually start until the commencement of the apprentice course in Jan ’59. Does anyone know what they would have been doing until then?

    2) Was the apprentice scheme also basic training during this time or was basic carried out prior to the course?

    3) What rank did Admin Apprentices pass out with? What was the rank structure for Admin Apprentices back then?

    Thanks for the help and I hope with my research into this airman that I can do a little bit into keep this fellow’s memory and that of the Admin Apprentice alive and kicking.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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