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    Arrived at Credenhill on 6th January aged just 15 years and 9 months. Passed out on a wet 22nd December, parade in the hanger. Long time ago now but plenty of happy memories. Our instructor was Mr Paddy Byrnes and latterly Sgt Simpson. Our DI’s were quite good, cannot remember their names – Sgt Russell? On the other hand there were those that unfortunately had the pleasure of Mr ‘You boy’ Sgt Eddie Rudge who had the distinction of giving me my first 252 when he spotted me giving a WRAF a kiss at lunch time one day! Hauled up in front of the Flight Commander (an ex Canberra pilot who was grounded after he forgot to put the wheels down when coming in to land derrr) who decided that I would be confined to camp during the summer leave. Actually turned out quite well ….

    From Hereford went to Bicester and then out to Gutersloh which is a story I will save for another day!

    Would be good to hear from a few ex 320’s. I am now based in Leicestershire.

    Alan Bell

    Was the kiss worth it Bill?


    Certainly was Alan! I got two weeks ‘on base’ which i certainly made use of…. 🙂 Got given the responsibility of looking after the mascot, huge dog called Snowy. Taking him for a walk round the camp was a great way of meeting people 😉



    Hi, I’m Geoff Pylee, also of the 320.  I too had a great year at Hereford!  I recall the names you mention, Paddy Byrne, what a great bloke.  Queuing for the weekly pay, Thursday nights (evenings?) down the Merton Hotel and back for bed check at 2230.  Matt McTaggart, Steve Manktelow ,Mac McDonald, Ron Spurs…  First posting to Biggin Hill in Jan 72, accommodated in a Nissan Hut, toilets and showers a 50 yard walk away…  Came out in the morning, had to tiptoe through the yellow snow!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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