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Hi Bryan,

Many thanks for your comments!!

I have enjoyed my life and I’m sure that having that initial discipline, at a young age, was the best introduction to adult life – even though we hated that Cpl who used to scream at us when we were “on parade”. “Shoulder Back Smith You XYZZZZ”.

Not sure if I liked “bumpering” either, then having to skid along the floor with small mats under our feet, when in the Nissan Huts.  It kept us fit I suppose.

I forgot to mention that I also joined the apprentice’s band at RAF Hereford. I “played” the trumpet!! Well, I didn’t actually play, I just puffed out my cheeks occasionally and it looked like I played! There were 8 trumpeters in the band, so the other 7 all drowned my “squeaking”. I’m quite tall 6ft-3ins so I was in the back line of the musicians, so no one noticed .

There were heaps of “benefits” if you were in the band. On Parade, we never got inspected like all the other guys. We had “practice nights” in the JRC – mostly practicing how to “down a pint the fastest”!!!

I could go on and on, but I don’t want to bore you!

Thanks again for your reply. Let’s keep in contact and maybe we can find some other guys who can describe their experiences.

David Smith

Ex: MO593530 Pay Accts