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Alan Bell

I joined the RAF at 16 and served 22 years. Never regretted my decision to join, with the superb training and discipline I received serving me well once I became a civilian.

I think that a stint in HM forces or other vital public service could not be other than beneficial to  young people embarking on the road to their future careers. It is my view that by so doing, one can experience the unique bonding that takes place during military or para-military training. Friendships made tend to last a lifetime and that sense of belonging to an organisation where everyone supports each other is unparalleled.

I understand that some European countries are thinking of re-introducing compulsory National Service while others like Greece, still operate it. Good for them! A bit of square bashing might just wean our youngsters away from social media,  give them a sense of public duty and the opportunity to make real friends.