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My fond memory of the apprentice school band was on the departure of the school from Hereford to travel to Bircham Newton in 1959.  We marched out of Hereford to the  Credenhill Railway Station. The band led the parade, the drum major was Frank Thoringnton (33rd). After turning left outside the main gate we passed a saluting base, attended by local civil  members of the great and the good, who were no doubt delighted to see the back of the ‘ brats’.  Up to that point the band was playing  its traditional marching repertoire, once passed the saluting base it broke into its rendition of St  Louis Blues  ( made popular  at the time by  a  USAF  band).

Perhaps the rendition was not up o Glenn Miller standards but it caused huge amusement to us as we struggled to keep pace with this  rendition. It no doubt caused irritation to the accompanying DI’s which was always good  for a laugh.