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I viewed your comments about Putin with interest. Perhaps we should consider going back to the Civil Defence system which operated during the 1950-1960’s at the height of the cold war. In hindsight  those primitive measures set up at the time would probably be a waste of time bearing in mind the sophisticated nuclear weapons now within Russia. The few nuclear carrying submarines we have in existence may be able to retaliate unless they are destroyed first but the thought of nuclear war does not bare thinking about.

I dont believe President Trump is quite the idiot everybody thinks he is. He will not tolerate outright aggression but with advise from his military advisers I think he will always stand on the side of caution.

In 1956  after leaving Credenhill I was posted to RAF West Malling Kent where I was immediately placed on the nuclear decontamination squad. We had constant drills in dealing with nuclear attacks, Even at Credenhill the Regiment instructors kept on training us about it.

At the age of eighty not worth worrying about really.


Jimmy (Charles) James 22nd/24th