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Alan Bell

Yes Jimmy I forgot the ‘On the day they will all be there’ bit. I certainly remember him saying that as will I am sure, a large number of my own entry! We had a guy called Bill Laverick and one day on the parade square Joe was wanting to demonstrate some rifle drill movement. He called to Laverick ‘throw me your rifle boy’. Laverick did so throwing it hard and  horizontaly at Joe, catching him square in his ample stomach area. Poor old Joe nearly collapsed completely winded, much to the amusement of the assembled herd. Cannot honestly remember what happened next but it was a long time ago.

On another occasion he was doing bedcheck and noticed my yellow luminous socks hanging to dry over the stove. He picked them up on the end of his pacestick as if they were diseased. Waving them around he shouted ‘who owns these abortions’? Me Sarge said I meekly. ‘You ain’t nothing but a Teddy Boy what are you’? ‘A Teddy Boy Sarge’ I said. At that Joe dropped them in the fire. Bloody hell, they cost me 2/6 a fair amount at the time!

Have lived in France for 16 years now Jimmy. Although the cost of living has practically doubled in that time, it is still a wonderful country to be in with so much space. Would not swop it now for anywhere else. Would be interested to hear from any other ex-admin apprentices who have settled here.Talmont SW France