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I remember one incident when being in the Band was a distinct disadvantage…. we went to Crickowell for our weeks expedition training 1966, in the Brecons, and stayed in lovely comfortable camp beds in quite large tents.  We had problems waking up in the mornings, with no early morning wake up broadcasts from the wonderful Radio Hereford!

Our Sgt DI, the wonderful Sgt Jack Murray, grabbed me, as I finished my breakfast, early in the week;

“Get your locker keys young Day….you’re going back to camp with me!”

I tried to stop smiling on the drive back, I don’t know who I’d upset, but being sent back to base would have its advantages I thought!  However, that quickly changed when I opened my locker back in Gibson Block.

“Grab your Trumpet, lock up and get back in the car.”

Guess who had to blow Reveille and Last Post, every day whilst we were there? I can’t tell you what orifices my fellow apprentices threatened to stuff the mouth piece in, or how I even survived the week’s experience!

Happy Days


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