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Thank you for your reply ref the famous “Bloody Hell” Joe Salter. Many memories of the man. ” Demonstration by corporal Drinkwater how to slope arms pay attention boy”

always concerned about perfection on “passout day” with his comments ; “On the day they will all be there. The OC , the AOC, The AOCin C, they will all be there on the day.” He could turn a bit nasty on  occasions and belt you with his pacestick I seem to remember. We had one boy in the 22nd who was an Irishman called “Laverty” Joe always called him “Lavatory”. Good old days that really shaped us to a certain extent but must admit I hated it for the first few months at Credenhill.

Best wishes to you in France Alan. I envy your style of living if only I was twenty years younger. Apart from the petty annoyances a wonderful place to live.


Best wishes Charles (jimmy) James