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Alan Bell

AAA School Band 1957

The AAA Apprentice Band was largely made up of members of the 29th Entry when I was a member in 1957. Our drum major was George Masson. I was a side drummer on front row with Jack Norris Paddy Gilbert and Ben Croucher. We got very handy with clicking the sticks across the line and it was good fun and if you liked marching, then being in the band was just great as well as avoiding some of the more close inspections on morning parades. Always remember the late Jack Norris, an accomplished drummer in his own right, once breaking into Skin Deep just after march off. As you can imagine chaos reigned for a few minutes!

I  stood in for the bass drummer from time to time and got to like setting the pace. Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom!  Di Dah Dah!

Happy Memories!